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Description: Want to use this image in your own project or a higher resolution image for your desktop? Its available here in higher resolutions. gumroad.com/starkiteckt. Or you can download it in 5,120 x 3,200 resolution here for 250 points. *** Please Read: All artwork shown here requires purchasing for personal use and commercial. Permission must be obtained prior to use. Commercial Use: Promoting a product you are selling or endorsing. Your website that runs ads or links to a site that you run ads on. Youtube videos with ads. Using artwork to promote an event ( i.e. a concert). Image Modification: Artwork here can be modified and used as part of another work as long as credit and compensation have been agreed upon. For commercial use you can purchase original resolution, high quality TIF images directly and obtain permission automatically here: gumroad.com/starkiteckt For personal use please contact me directly and describe the usage. Personal use cost: 25$ through Paypal. Contact: starkiteckt@protonmail.com or send me a private message. ***

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