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Description: The sailing ship in the harbour Sailing ship / Le Glorieux / in the harbour. The crew carried out the loading. Tertiary three mast French warships, a later British got onto a hand. His armament 74pics cannon, his length 175 feet (53m), his dipping 6.48m, his mass 1718 tons. On Clair one based on Deslauriers plans 1756 Augusts 10. Rochefortban it was built and it was placed on water. Was at the North American coasts in a service, 1782 Septembers 18. got lost as a result of a hurricane on Newfoundland neighbourhood. Rebuild it and I changed a small one in order for him toserve peaceful aims. onto the place of the cannon places I worked up cabins, on three levels, that let a longer one be comfortable to a travel. I make the loading yet currently, and the kit I collect my road concerned I plan it, but I pull the sails up slowly and I start to discover the computer the world of graphics. on this link visible on the undulating sea in the harbour (gif animation) : http://www.marcellus3dgallery.hu/images/marcellus3dgallery.gif Here my website the flash in animation visible For everybody pleasant additional day with a greeting marcellus
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