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Description: Locomotive with tender «UGEARS 460″ accommodated all the technical solutions applied in the previous models. Its extravagant view with many gears inside, represents the whole period of 19th century engineering. Time when advanced countries competed, whose locomotive is bigger, more powerful and more solid. In the locomotives of that time were used the maximum achievements of progress. This model is available only on Kickstarter and is the largest one, rich for details, so to say «the most fancy» from the entire range of UGEARS mechanical models. At the same time it is very harmonious and pleasant in handling. Every one who see the assembled model comes to the delight of originality and sophistication of the assembly. Locomotive size: 12*3.9*4.9in (315*100*125mm) Tender size: 6.3*3.5*4.5in (160*90*115mm) Package size: 14.6*6.7*1.5in (37*17*4cm) Number of components: 480

  • Ugears - November 16, 2015 at 22:02:02
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